Rants, Ravings and Incoherent Thoughts

I am a rugby fan.  I have also been fortunate enough to make my living doing what I love, namely writing about the sport of my youth, the sport of my country, the greatest sport in the world…Rugby.

This blog is about finally finding a way to write the way I’ve always dreamed of writing…outside the normal conventions of a newspaper or magazine.  I can dig, I can critique, I can expand and I can focus on all sorts of unconventional elements.  Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff.  My name is Rusi.

23 responses to “Rants, Ravings and Incoherent Thoughts

  1. Wayne Lilo

    Fiji Rugby Blog,
    This is a fantastic blogsite. I just hope that it doesn’t become a tool for doom sayers to rant and rave about the woes of Fiji Rugby.
    Although fiercely proud and passionate we are, the lack of game time and experience of regular top level competition such as the super 14 will be difficult to overcome.
    More pics if you can and keep up the good work.

  2. Emmett Simpson

    Good on you Rusi

    About time reporters started writing and thinking outside of the box!

    God Bless

  3. John

    Thanks for the wonderful idea, Rusi!

    It’s about time Fiji Rugby had something ‘big’ out there in the world of blogs!

    Whilst a lot of attention is directed at the National Team and it’s preparation towards the RWC2007, least not forget the U19 battles that are underway in the respective zones, with the U19 Deans quarters coming up in two weeks’ time.

    The results so far looks to be another torrid battle between the Eastern and Southern Zones. It’s a pity the Rugby Academy at Nadi Muslim either didn’t field an U19 or somehow lost along the way.

    We’re not sure of what’s happening at the Eastern Zone as the dailies reported ‘very’ different results of the same games!!!

    Anyway, keep up the good work, Rusi and we’ll keep posting more info on this site…


  4. Above is another very good blog for news on fiji rugby scene. There is even a mention for this blog on there!

  5. mark

    If the selectors were smart they would have purposely selected a player who was ALREADY injured. That way when the world cup comes they can kick him out and bring Caucau in.

  6. FRB, Great Work! God bless.

  7. mary

    Thanks for the great site keep up the great work

  8. mar key

    What’s up with the rugby sevens side? Why is it that Nasoni Roko, Sireli Naqelevuki and William Ryder weren’t picked?
    I’ve got a bad feeling the sevens side aren’t going to do as well this year.
    I am glad to see they’ve put Nanuku back in.
    He should have been in the team last year. It seems Fiji focus more on speed and fitness.
    This is good but if teams like NZ and Samoa slow the game down they can use they’re bigger stronger players to wear Fiji down.
    This is why a lot of the Fijian players miss tackles.
    They always come up against bigger Samoan and New Zealand players.

  9. mar key

    You should write an article about the sevens side.

    OK Mark, I had no intentions of doing anything about the IRB Sevens series because I believe Fiji has gone overboard in sevens rugby but I will see if there’s anything worth writing after the George leg this coming weekend – FRB

  10. Beryle Wilson

    Hey Rusi,




  11. Thanks Bayo; it’s turning out to be a good one. Keep you posted.


  12. Sevens rugby is ok but 15s is the real game

  13. tani

    Has Fiji rugby improved under the new coach (S. Domoni)?

  14. Being born a Fijian is a real priviledge and honour.
    We have left a mark and unforgetable memories of our unique culture and tradition everywhere, of who we are as a proud nation.
    For me personally being in the British Army has seen me serve in the most hostile and dangerous places of conflict in the world.
    This has been the ultimate test of physical, mental and spiritual strength of all that we Fijians hold dear.
    Yet when horrific situations arise and the dawn of tomorrow seem to be a lifetime away I have for one, like many Fijians had the humble opportunity to have my British brothers turn to me for inspiration.
    This is not because I am their leader, commander or friend but simply the fact that I am Fijian, and we are known for our fighting spirit and fighting is in our blood.
    However watching the Fiji vs Australia game today was an absolute disappointment.
    The lack of physicality in the tackle and breakdown area, depth in attack, urgency, teamwork and FIGHTING SPIRIT was quite evident. The handling skills, will to play and lethargic nature in which most of the players seem to be playing, is appalling to the extent of insulting the progress we have made since the 2007 world cup.
    Make no mistakes, the 2007 quarter finalists have set the benchmark of WHAT and WHERE we should be aspiring for and beyond as a rugby nation.
    Let us get rid of this mentality of praising and not criticising our team if they don’t perform to our expectation, simply because its in our nature as Fijians, or the old ‘most of our players are overseas’ or ‘most are local players and not enough experience’ phrase.
    Remember these players are playing for a place in next year’s world cup, and if this is what we have to fall back on if our ‘SUPPOSED TO BE’ main players are injured then we heading for another decade of heartache for Fijian rugby.
    It makes me wonder and question the players commitment and pride in that white jersey means to them.
    Criticism is cruel, yet if constructive it is positive and positivity is progress,and progress can be the difference between winning and losing.
    It’s time to buckle down, wear our heart on our sleeve and play with exuberance,will to win and passion.
    This is by no means a losing fan’s ranting away because we were really awful and lost, but I think every player needs to stand up and be counted and most of all BELIEVE that we can win and become a major and consistent force to be reckoned with, on the international stage and not just ‘ONE TIME WONDERS’ in the world of rugby . . .

    • Bula Jokini,
      Sa koiya – au vasu i Nalotu, Yawe!

      Appreciate the comment and your passion for the game and I believe you have the same passion in your work as an army officer.

      If you are the same soldier awarded with the Military Cross three years ago, I am deeply honoured in your contribution to keeping the tradition of our forbearers.

      I watched the match against Australia on TV, as well as the matches against Japan, Tonga and Samoa.

      I believe Fiji has developed local players to almost the same level as our overseas based players which will be evident in New Zealand next year.

      We have players who have what it takes to go to the finals if they go with the right frame of mind and the backing of the nation.

      With the proximity of the competition right next door, I believe Government and the Fiji Rugby Union should make plans to load our inter-island ferries, planes and whatever it takes to fill up the stadiums where our team plays.

      From pool matches to the playoffs we need to back our boys.

      Thank you for the support and come and support the team in New Zealand next year.

      Sa moce vesavesa – Rusi

  15. notify me of any comments or reply to this article

  16. I really like the blog and it offers a deep vision about how rugby is lived in Fiji.
    I invite you to post your blog entries in http://www.rugbylines.com , a rugby social network that intends to connect rugby people from all over the world sharing the spirit and philosophy of the sport.
    All the best,

  17. Just discovered this blog through Yahoo, what a way to brighten up my week!

  18. Alando Soakai

    Great blog page. Will enjoy reading your rugby articles.

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