Beware, the Kamaishi resurgence factor

Members of the Flying Fijians need to have their eyes wide open in their first match against Japan in the World Rugby Pacific Nations Cup on Saturday.

The Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium . . . named after the town's recovery from the 2011 tsunami that destroyed most of the area. Photo: World Rugby

The Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium where the match has been scheduled is the same venue for the Flying Fijians second assignment in the Rugby World Cup against Uruguay on September 25.

The WRPNC champions will also have to tread cautiously against the Cherry Blossoms because the location will stir deep emotions for the hosts when remembering the site where over 1000 lives perished in the Tsunami that struck on March 11, 2011.

The famous rugby town was demolished in that inundation but also wrought a miracle with the children of Kamaishi elementary and junior high were all saved moving to higher ground.

The stadium which was built on the site of the schools which were destroyed in the aftermath of the tidal wave. The retractable decked arena was opened last year with a capacity crowd of 6000. Temporary stands have been built for the RWC pushing the capacity to 16,000 for the Fiji versus Uruguay match and the Canada and Namibia contest in October.

The town has been under reconstruction since the tsunami but the controversial idea of the construction of the stadium will bring a lot of hope and rejuvenation to the 35,000 environs in their rebuilding process.

The six participating teams of the 2019 WRPNC all take part on Saturday in three different locations with the Fiji, Japan match in Kamaishi, Japan; Manu Samoa hosts Ikale Tahi Tonga in Apia and the Canadians visit the US Eagles at Infinity Park, Glendale, Colorado.

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