The team always comes first, Matavesi clarifies

josh matavesi george north

Fiji’s Josh Matavesi misses a tackle against Wales winger George North in the Pool A clash at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Photo: DPA

Flying Fijians fly-half Joshua Matavesi says the team always comes first despite mis-reports on his confusion and de-motivation by Fiji’s treatment during Rugby World Cup (RWC2015).

Speaking from the Fiji team-base in Swansea, Wales yesterday Matavesi said; “I wish I personally could have played a bigger role but the team always comes first.”

He was referring to his overall game time in RWC2015 and Fiji’s last Pool A match against Wales where he was fielded as a late replacement and where the Welsh team went on to beat Fiji 23-13 last Thursday. Matavesi has been named on the bench in the Flying Fijians last pool match against Uruguay on Wednesday morning.

“It’s not that I am de-motivated or treated unfairly by the team,” he said.

“I was referring to the need for the team to continue to play for pride and not be de-motivated despite our results.

“And this really has been our mental approach from match to match,” Matavesi clarified.

He did reiterate the bigger picture in terms of the team and his support for players who are called on to don the national jersey.

“With lessons learnt and areas to build on from our last pool matches, spirits remain high in camp knowing that we have raised the bar in certain areas of our game and the continuous support we have received here and from those back home in Fiji,” he said.

Recent media reports have quoted Matavesi as being confused and accused the Fiji camp for treating him unfairly.

“Personally I am frustrated at not being able to test myself against the best in the world however I recognise the bigger picture of the team and the opportunity I have to play for Fiji with such a talented group,” he added.

Fiji’s final Pool-A match is against Uruguay at Stadium mk at Milton Keynes at 8.00pm this coming Tuesday (UK Time).

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