Cockerill bites back at accusations

Richard Cockerill is under a lot of pressure. Photo: Planet Rugby

Richard Cockerill is under a lot of pressure. Photo: Planet Rugby

Leicester boss Richard Cockerill has refuted ‘average accusations’ linking the Tigers training methods to their substantial injuries.

A rough start to the season has seen Leicester lose their last three matches to Bath, London Irish and Gloucester, with a huge number of players sidelined through injury.

Taking the time to address the speculation surrounding the root of these concerns, Cockerill slammed the accusations.

“The lads probably play too much rugby at the top end, but the training bit I would like to nip in the bud,” said Cockerill.

“I have had some pretty average accusations pointed at how Leicester train. We’ve got a really good strength and conditioning team and we monitor everything with GPS.

“The old days of beating each other to crap on a Wednesday morning, that was in 1998, 1999, 2000. It’s a long time ago, and the uneducated comments that are made by people are unwarranted.

“If people want to come to the training ground and see how we train, then come down and I will show them. We’ve got a great system with really good people, and chucking mud at that whole environment is wrong.

“You can look at the results as just the results, or you can look at the results and look around the circumstances we are operating under at the moment.

“You can have some understanding with it, or not. I can’t control that.”

As for the loss to Gloucester itself, Cockerill said the club would stick together to ‘ride the storm’.

“The result is my responsibility. We are going to stick together as a club and work through the issues, and when we come out the other side we will be better for it. There is no other way of approaching it,” added Cockerill.

“The club needs to pull together – players, coaches, supporters – we need to stick together, ride the storm and come out the other side.

“I understand the pressures this club comes with. It is a lot easier when you play because you can do something about it on the field.

“I am always under pressure for results. Am I under any more pressure than normal? You will have to ask the chairman.”

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