IRB are a “bunch of muppets”: Comment

FRB reports some of the response made by rugby followers on Planet Rugby after the comment by IRB that they would be taking care of the precedent set by French Club Racing Metro paying Jone Qovu, Sireli Bobo and Josh Matavesi not to play for Fiji in the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Read on . .

A lion watches over his domain . . . go and take care of your charges boy


Ramage says…

The real point to be made here is that whilst the Internationals are being played the French club competition is carrying on. We know about the Fijians and Argentinians not playing but what about the French players? It would be interesting to find out how many French players have been told not to play for France. I bet there are none which just shows the blatent hypocracy of the French Club set up.

Posted 07:45 10th November 2012

boksmashoffice says…

The is a joke. Playing for your country should be the pinnacle. If French clubs are with holding players then something has to be done. However in my opinion the IRB will be spineless and do nothing and this exploiting of players will continue. No club team is bigger than playing for your country. If clubs sign foreign nationals then they should be released for their international teams if required. Did the french teams hold back their french internationals?

why is club rugby not stopped during the international window period? Surly a development competition could be played for a month. This seems to be a northern hemisphere problem.

Argentina should have all the top players available to them. In my opinion they will become the number 4 team in world rugby by the next world cup due to the exposure of their players to the championship. Maybe the northies are not comfortable with this? Just putting it out there. The top 4 rugby nations being in the southern hemisphere. That would be something.

Posted 20:54 09th November 2012

Ramage says…

@ centre12 whether you or I like it or not is irrelevant. As far as England is concerned they are working within the rules as is Ireland over the selection of Michael Bent. This is not the argument and we can have that at some other time. This is about clubs and their multimillionaire owners clearly flouting rules and encouraging and paying players who play for them, and clearly qualify to play Internationals, to turn down the chance to represent their country. Qovu’s decision to say he was unavailable because of injury is highly sus. To then go on and play for his club when injured and unavailable for his country is a disgrace and brings discredit on his club. There is obvious flouting of the rules of International Rugby and the IRB must stamp it out, You say it must be the eligibility rule first. I disagree the clubs who are flouting these rules need to be punished first to show that International Rugby is more important than their club fixtures.

@passtheball it may make sense from a selfish club point of view but certainly not from the International point of view. Surely the pinnacle for any player is to represent their country at the highest level of the game. Yes money is attractive to players but who is it that gets caught. Look at who is being encouraged not to play.

We read countless posts on here about poaching of players. Many of these people are just repeating the vindictive and untrue statements of a gutter press journalist from the UK. Here we have players making themselves unavailable supposedly because of injury yet playing for their clubs. Where are those people so quick to condemn the alleged poaching? Nowhere to be seen.

We actually might get to the bottom of this and what Mannix is claiming if an investigation takes place. “There is something rotten in the state of Denmark.”

Posted 14:32 09th November 2012

carpelone says…


Mind the lads, tomorrow.

Enjoy the rugby.

Posted 14:29 09th November 2012

7ton says…


Well you never do get things right 🙂

Posted 02:42 09th November 2012

leebok says…

I wish the IRB would get tough on release rules. The breakdown is a disgrace at the moment

Posted 21:51 08th November 2012

Centre12 says…

@melkdave Yes fair one, my point is that if the IRB want to start getting tough on something then it should be the eligibility rule first and foremost.

@Jediboy because I would be here all day

Posted 14:36 08th November 2012

carpelone says…

I thought the news was about release players / ball at the breakdown.

McCaw should have heard a ringing bell…..

Posted 13:42 08th November 2012

5Lock4ward says…

Jone Qovu is in exactly the same boat as Northampton’s Samu Manoa, claiming to be injured and then continuing to play club rugby instead of representing his country. Northampton is notorious for this as they prevented Euan Murray from joining the Lions on time and now suspiciously enough a 1 time capped Springbok prop from Leinster has been selected ahead of Brian Mujati, once again of Northampton. Now Zee Ngwenya all the sudden has a visa issue to get into the UK in time for the Eagles first match against Russia, even though he plays for Biarritz who travels into the UK constantly. I hope the IRB is serious about this and that punishment is quick and harsh.

Posted 12:57 08th November 2012

melkdave says…


Mate i think youve posted on the wrong thread lol,this one isabout player release for international maches.Given the revaltionsyesterday about Fiji players beig paid to play for their clubs last year instead of their country at a RWC.Of courseif a player doesnt want to play as protest againsy his govt ect ,thats fair enough,but to be paid not too ,Thats a different matter entirely,and thatswhat the IRB is talking about gettingtough on.Clubs not releasing players for international duty,during the test window,whitch i feel should be extended to a 2 weeks before the 1st test as a miniuim ,so said players can train together somewhat.We can see it even now ,with Bosch and Albertani ,not being released for Argentina last week by their clubs ,so cant/arnt playing for Argentina this week .That has to stop ,no if or buts just stop full stop.

Posted 12:55 08th November 2012

rugby_rockstar says…

Quick shut the barn door, the horse has bolted!

IRB, for crying out loud!


Oh, AND SORT OUT JOHN O’NEAL! He robbed us all of a stunning NZ vs SA RWC Semi-final. As a rugby fan I feel conned. The IRB really are a waste of space. This lobbying scandal has been swept under the carpet by a bunch of inept, pathetic, toothless, quite possibly corrupt dolts, who have no idea of how to look after our sport. Why should the clubs take these muppets seriously???

Posted 12:49 08th November 2012

Melkiwi says…

@centre12 agreed 3 years is to short but then you have those countries who have a large player pool and do rely on a few overseas players

Posted 12:00 08th November 2012

Eddie says…

Hang on…don’t the selectors pick these foreign interlopers?! Sure IRB needs to police it better, but surely England has the resources to nurture homegrown talent.

Posted 11:20 08th November 2012

passtheball says…

Sounds like the clubs are not preventing but encouraging the players to stay with the clubs for extra pay. Makes sense for clubs who have other Int players away. Its picking on poorer nations players and the IRB has done little to stop it so far.

Posted 11:05 08th November 2012

Jediboy says…

Centre12 – why only pick the English players??

Posted 10:32 08th November 2012

Centre12 says…

IRB needs to get tough on player eligibility, no more Hape’s, Fouire’s, Botha’s, Vanikolo’s, Barritt’s, Flutey’s getting in the England team on some stupid 3 year residency rule, complete joke!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 09:56 08th November 2012

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