One win at a time

Fiji has nothing to lose and will go into the quarterfinal against South Africa more relaxed and focused to produce the goods.

What an effort against Wales . . . congratulations and good work.

Fiji has always had in you to beat the odds and come up strong against tier one nations.

But it had to take faith in themselves and the discipline and patience displayed by skipper Mosese Rauluni and the senior players in the team.

I have never seen a team so relaxed and in control of the ball in the rucks and mauls; pick up and drives that saw halfback Rauluni taking his time to choose whether to kick an up an under or launch another attack by the backline against a Tier One nation – Wales.

South Africa will be another victim Monday morning if it takes a casual approach and treat Fiji like another outsider trying to come into the stranglehold of senior tier one nations in the Rugby World order.

Fiji and Argentina have already turned the protected hierarchy on its head and will continue their run unabated if they believe in themselves and don’t allow themselves to get caught up with the impossibility of their progress by the press and the IRB expectations.

Fiji has the firepower to score tries at will and I believe need to work on a strategy to hit the Boks early in the match and take control from the word go.

Take the game by the scruff of its neck and score four tries in the first quarter to bring a dose of reality to the more celebrated South Africans and see whether they can get out of the hole.

If the Fijians can launch another all out attack in the third quarter and score another two or three tries and if the Boks can keep pace . . . save some gas for the last quarter to come out and score a winning try to edge them out.

If the Boks don’t rise to the occasion in the second and fourth quarter they will be in for a thrashing.

Fiji needs to allow punching holes in the back line passing through rucks and mauls through strong runners in Akapusi Qera, Semisi Naevo, Kameli Ratuvou, Filimone Delasau and Seru Rabeni.

With waves of attacks emanating from controlled phases the gaps will open up even from the mighty Boks for Fiji to press in and score tries and take the game away from them . . . Yes away from the number 3 team in the world.

We have to go in the game determined to win and have a strategy to take the game; otherwise we will succumb to their efforts and get drowned.

The pivotal role of flyhalf should be given to Waisea Luveniyali who I believe has it in him to take the game by force and open up gaps for the centres if allowed to fit into the role by coach Ilivasi Tabua and the senior players in the squad.

Nicky Little has contributed immensely to this campaign and has paid the ultimate price with the injury to take Fiji into the quarters.

But Luveniyali has been screened for his ability and talent and should be given at least the first half of the quarterfinal to prove himself or be replaced in the second half if he could not rise to the occasion.

Senior utility Seremaia Bai has shown his abilities in the position while playing for the Pacific Islanders but his voicing his disappointment publicly of the general $15,000 pay while preparing in Fiji brings into question his integrity in his commitment.

Is he there for the money or for playing for his country?

Luveniyali showed his pace and acceleration in the match against Australia A in the Pacific Nations Cup that he had what it took to consolidate the backs into a unit and led the charge to a draw against the Wallaby laden side.

But all in all believe in yourselves and you have already proven that you are the best in the tournament with the ball in hand and running at pace.

Play to your strengths and you will show the world that our God is not into the best conditioned team but the team that puts Him first and He will use the small things in His hand to confound the mighty.


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3 responses to “One win at a time


    Hello I write from Clermont, France and I am a fan of Seremaia; I am choked about what you said about Seremaia.

    I think he spoke for all the players about the primes and I don’t see why he shouldn’t play against Boks.

    Your arguements are stupid.

    He is a player respected in Clermont and in Fiji.

    I think he is a man honest and he plays for you Fijians and he is proud of your country he said that in a French local newspaper and he was in first page of the most famous sport newspaper with the Fijian flag;
    friendly and go Fiji.

  2. mar key

    I can’t believe they chose bobo over caucau. Oh well. I believe Fiji can give south africa a good go. If they can get decent possesion. the fowards improved against wales and so did the line out but only slightly. If south africa play an open game like wales did then fiji have a good chance. I hope they take take neivua off, that guy missed so many takles and every time he missed one wales scored a try.

  3. Hey, have you got a picture of the Fiji rugby stadium?

    Have one, but I like more pics.
    Greetings and Fiji for Rugby World Champs!!

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