Best teams adapt: Rauluni



Third time Rugby World Cup campaigner Mosese Rauluni believes the best teams adapt to the situation on the field and take advantage of it.


“The best teams in the world adapt well to what happens on the field,” the nippy halfback said.


“There are ways to get around difficulties and get solutions that can get you to the same place.”


Rauluni was responding to FRB on the never ending problem with the scrum by the national side.


“It was good to have a solid scrum in the ‘99 campaign but time has moved on and we need work with what we got now,” the practical Rauluni said.


Rauluni was questioned on what difference he noticed with the solid scrums of the ’99 campaign and with the current number eight having to peel off the backpedaling scrum and forming a ruck to provide better balls for the backs.


“If we have to get the number eight to form a ruck after our scrums then we will have to work with what we got to get there,” he said.


“It was great to have Joeli Veitayaki and Bill Cavubati then but I don’t think it’s about size anymore but more like technique and the ability to move around that matters nowadays.”


Rauluni took over from his elder brother Jacob in the playoffs against England of the 1999 championship with cousin Waisale Serevi at pivot after losing 19-28 to France in their final pool match.


Fiji lost that playoff against England 24-45 in London but their scrums held holding the English front eight throughout the match.


Rauluni has surpassed his father Taito Rauluni’s international record and the younger Rauluni says his father had told him so.


“My dad told me already I have surpassed his record playing on the halfback for Fiji,” the younger Rauluni said.


“We had a get together with the Rauluni family and Serevi family over the weekend (last month) and we had a good time.


“Serevi showed his full support of my taking part and he showed he is fully behind the team preparing for France.”


The senior national player said their pool opponents were not easy beats and would be coming at Fiji to beat them.


“Japan and Canada have improved tremendously and we have to be careful with them but they are the teams we are looking to beat,” he said.


“Australia would be the team to beat.


“They will take us lightly and if they take us too lightly and we can catch them napping; they just maybe beatable.”


He said their second biggest opponent Wales would be a big challenge but not impossible.


“Wales is beatable,” he said.


“If we can play enterprising rugby and push them far we just maybe able to pull it off.”


Rauluni said he was training well especially with other halfback Jone Daunivucu.


Rauluni said Daunivucu had his own strengths in running several lines that he was learning from and at the same time was teaching Daunivucu some of his running lines.


Caption: Rauluni . . . better teams adapt and take advantage. Photo: GREG TAYLOR


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4 responses to “Best teams adapt: Rauluni

  1. mar key

    I saw Daunivucu play against Australia A.

    I think its a good sign for Fiji’s future. He played really well and can do what a lot of other Fiji half backs can’t.

    Especially the fact that he can actually kick the ball.

    Moses Rauluni often struggles to do that. The Most Moses can kick is 20 metres, which really puts a lot of pressure on the poor first five or Norman Ligairi.

    But Daunivucu looks like he will be a really good half back for Fiji.

    Hopefully he starts ahead of Moses.

    • Freddy Legge

      Mar Key
      After the 2007 RWC stand out performances by Rauluni I hope you ate your words and choked.He was one of the best 9’s in the tournament.
      Now he is retired who can we look to now…..You being an expert please suggest the next best option to 2011 as your last guess was right on the money…….not!!Do you play rugby or know anything about it.

  2. John Maddeny

    Rauluni can see practical ways to move forward because the weakness we have in the scrum. It is a handicap that we need to recognise, accept and find ways to move forward even though it is part of our weakness.

  3. Boozy

    Well played FIJI…..What a game

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