I’m willing to be water boy: Caucau



Sensational Fiji winger Rupeni Caucau said tonight he was willing to be a water boy in Fiji’s matches at the Rugby World Cup in France but his physical fitness and mental strength says otherwise.


Speaking in the vernacular from his home in the village of Nasau in Bua, Caucau said he was physically and mentally ready to step up to another level from his sensational tries in the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia.


“My body and mental fitness tells me that I have the talent and the fitness; physically and mentally to break all the records for Fiji I set in 2003,” he said.


“I want to prove to Fiji and the world that I have the God-given abilities to be the man to score more tries for my country in France.”


Caucau had earlier conceded in the interview that he was willing to be a water boy for the national side if he was not named in the final squad that would be handed in before August 14 to the Rugby World Cup organizers.


National team logistics manager Peter Murphy said that the Fiji Rugby Union would be looking at the possibility of arranging a meeting with Caucau but it would be a call national team manager Pio Bosco Tikoisuva and national coach Ilivasi Tabua would have to make.


“This is a sensitive issue culturally and with the IRB checking that he (Caucau) is not involved with rugby in all levels,” Murphy said.


“We’ll have to take it one step at a time and see what we can do about it.


“But I’ll be holding a meeting soon with the team officials and we’ll talk about it.”


Caucau said the number 11 jersey was his for the French championship and he was ready to prove it to the selectors and the whole of Fiji if he was involved in a trial that was not sanctioned by the FRU to beat the IRB ban.


“I’ll prove that that number 11 jersey is mine and I am raring to prove it,” Caucau said.


Caucau has been training with his Nasau village team in the club competition in Lekutu but could not play because of the international ban.


“I train everyday with the village team and I am physically in top shape,” he said.


Caption: Rupeni Caucau scored some spectacular tries for the Auckland Blues in the Super 12 Rugby competition


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16 responses to “I’m willing to be water boy: Caucau

  1. John Maddeny

    Now we’re getting somewhere with the best rugby winger in the world. He can still play and score the big ones and he has already proven when push comes to shove he will produce on the paddock.

    It might be a headache for the FRU to make him play their rule book but if you can condition him to that level and put on him the white jumper on the day that matters, he’s the man, the freak who can do it for Fiji.

  2. Anon

    Unleash the try making beast for Fiji. Go Caucau, Go Fiji.
    How about an email campaign(Bring back Rupeni) addressed to FRU?

  3. Wait for the next soccer world cup, Caucau; FRU can do without you

  4. kameli

    Best Winger world rugby has ever seen – the Fiji board aren’t just letting their nation down, but also the worldwide public who wish to see this freak play. Bring back Rupeni.

  5. au

    Come on people let’s petition FRU to include him in Fiji RWC 2007.

    Lets go Fiji!!!

  6. We should give him a chance, he will make the difference that can realise Fiji’s dreams of qualifying for the quarter finals.

  7. kaiviti

    Too many chances given already … you either ploy with the other players by attending the national trials and fitness test… or just be the water boy for your village team in Bua. Caucau needs to remember that it was the FRU that brought him out from his village to France. Kua so na vakalevu kemu tiko… tamata ulukau, dokadoka na nomu i tovo.

  8. Duibana,

    You have made some strong statements that are unsubstantiated about Caucau.

    Also you claim that the FRU was the agent to allow him to play in France currently. According to newspaper reports he was initially transferred to New Zealand through his own efforts and some Fijians playing inNew Zealand three or four years ago and FRU had no part in it.

    He first joined Northland in the New Zealand NPC before his abilities on the field saw his contracted by the Auckland Blues in the the Super 12 competition.

    His showing there and his part in Fiji’s campaign in the 2003 RWC saw his contracted to the top division Agen in France.

    Also for you to call him “Kua so na vakalevu kemu tiko… tamata ulukau, dokadoka na nomu i tovo” is uncalled for because he was told by FRU three weeks ago through team manager Pio Bosco Tikoisuva to stay in his village until the FRU called him again.

    He has been waiting since then and have not heard anything from FRU.

    I would appreciate your supplying your name, telephone number and address to continue commenting on the site or your comments will not be welcome.

    If you are man enough to make those assertions and degrade Caucau in the vernacular, I believe you will be man enough to identify yourself or otherwise keep your comments to yourself, your friends and family.



  9. kaiviti


    You’ve missed my point … Caucau started with the FRU … then to NZ and now in France.

    Therefore, if the FRU hadn’t given him the chance to play with the national team, he could still be planting cassava in his village.

    After he signs with the big French contract, now the Fiji team is the second option, from the last world cup through Wayne Pivac’s days, it’s always a wait and see game.

    I’m glad that Ili has finally put a stop to this kinda attitude … if you don’t show up to the required test and trials, you are not going to the world cup.

    He thinks he’s the only player that can make the difference.

    I’d rather have a guy who is willing to be a team player than having someone like Caucau who thinks he is something peculiar … me sa water boy mada ga ni nodratou timi mai na koro… see you in France!

    Sa dri yani… dua mai keri, Dauniteri 🙂

  10. Duibana,

    FRU may have helped Caucau get promoted to some extent in the big league but it was individual brilliance that drove him to the top.

    I don’t know why we are so hard with our own uniquely gifted people on one hand, while we worship gifted players like Stirling Mortlock or Jonah Lomu unreserved with our praises for their capabilities.

    We need to agressively appreciate our own players for the talent they have and develop them to their full potential locally and learn from our past mistakes.

    There is a long list of players including current national coach Ilivasi Tabua who were bypassed by the FRU when they looked to the parent body for their support and then the FRU doing a 180 degree running after these same players after they had been developed fully offshore.

    We have the talent like the Caucaus who have been developed and conditioned to perform to their utmost and come back to give back to their motherland.

    Until the FRU stop looking overseas for assistance financially and for development and believe in themselves and work with the limited resources we have and develop the abundant talent we have, we will continue to lose the Caucaus, Tuqiris, Rokocokos and Sivivatus to those who could be better stewards over our own flesh and blood.

    And the attitude like Duibana who think the world of the FRU, which we should to an extent, but if the FRU is paying lip service to development and allowing the IRB to run roughshod over them because that is where they are getting their direction and paychecks then we might as well allow the IRB to come and run our country too.

    We need to take a good look at ourselves and accept our realities in our abilities, resources; take stock and see where we need to move together to work to move up to where we really belong . . . holders of the William Webb Ellis Cup.

  11. kaiviti


    I would welcome the thought of Caucau playing and scoring tries for fiji, but, I think his attitude needs to change or learn to communicate better with the FRU on his plans when coming to a Test or the world cup.

    It seems like he needs a whale’s tooth from the FRU as a prerequisite from the parent body to come and play for them.

    Heck if you know you have a heart to play for your country … cokataki iko yani i loma ni rara (put your body on the line and come to the grounds), don’t let the media and the officials to look for you… as Ili had said, “raise you hand…” sa rauti koya tiko mada ga me water boy tiko mai na koro” (it is better for him to be water boy for his village team) … the rugby professional career will come to an end … but, your reputation of how you had played the game and your attitude on and off the ground will be stuck with you to your grave … see you in France!

    sa dri yani… dua mai keri, dauniteri 🙂

  12. kaiviti


    Read the article on the Fiji Times today… “it’s the colour of the jersey and emblem on your chest” that should drive the Fiji rugby team through this world cup.

    Financially the FRU doesn’t have the finacial backing as the tier one nations … may be one day Mafatu … we’ll get there, but for the time being, let’s make use with what meagre resource we have … GO Flying Fijians … we’ll be cheering for you in France!

    Sa dri yani… dua mai keri dauniteri 🙂

  13. Duibana/Kaiviti,

    It’s amazing when the tables are turned and the whining and screaming from the parent body when what they have been dishing out for decades is done to them; as you have been standing up for the FRU.

    I believe what Caucau is doing is a direct reflection of what the FRU has been doing to the unions nation wide and the players we have locally and playing overseas.

    When Caucau was worth more than the FRU and their ovearseas coach put together he was only dishing back to the FRU what the players have been perceving as a system that was not a win-win situation for them but a lose-lose one for them and FRU take all situation.

    Now that the FRU is getting some of the bitter pills they have been handing out to those under their dominion they need to change their focus on financial and power control to a level based playing field where all the unions are contributing to the decision making whether major or minor and have all the unions/players have real ownership of the FRU.

    Otherwise what Caucau is doing right now will be minimal when someone of a more dubious nature gets a bigger contract and pull out all the stops in making a big fool of the FRU.

    Whats goes around comes around Mafatu!!!!

  14. kaiviti

    It shouldn’t be pay back time … it’s a time to commit with a heart and not what the $$$ you can get out of it … we can not be talking about how much $$$$ we will get out from this tourney … it’s what I can give back to the ‘womb’ that brought me to life … as, I’ve said before, it’s the colour of your jersey and the emblem on your chest, that’s what matters at the world cup.

    Fiji will be unveiling another Caucau come september … GO you good thing! see you in France.

    Mafatu … I’ll get you one day!

    Sa dri yani … dua mai keri, dauniteri 🙂

  15. Duibana/Kaiviti

    It’s not payback time . . . I’m outlining what has transpired through the past five years and beyond which has uncovered some clues on our failures and how we can move forward.

    Some people pick up those clues and move on and some don’t.

    I just hope it doesn’t have to take another incident like Jakarta and more recently Nuku’alofa for leadership to change their views and ways they lead.


    What would happen to Kaiviti if he was given one day only to experience the glamourous lifestyle that Caucau had achived on his God given Talent?

    Kaiviti should know that every one has a God given gift which no-one can take away.

    Whatever and however ones use’s it, is his own choice and destiny.

    If you cannot come through what Caucau had gone through to achieve his success than you have no right to utter a negative word about him.

    You can only take up your human right in demonstrating silently, because you can not compete or compare with His level of success so as FRU.

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