Caucau’s fate to be finalized in FRU meeting

Rupeni Caucau


The best winger in world rugby Rupeni Caucau will be meeting with the Fiji Rugby Union next week to decide his fate whether he will be included for the Fiji squad to take part in the Rugby World Cup in France in September.

Logistics manager Peter Murphy said Caucau would be meeting with the FRU to decide whether or not to include him in the squad preparing to take part in the championship.

Caucau had been banned after testing positive for using drugs in a random testing during one of his club commitments in France recently.

His ban by the ruling body the International Rugby Board will run through the beginning of the championship and he will not be eligible to play until the second pool match against Canada in Cardiff on the 16th of September.

But the FRU still has time to cut and change the 30-man squad until the cut off date on the 4th of August.

Caucau has the uncanny ability to break open any game and has unmatched skills in beating defenders at will and scoring tries that have amazed followers of rugby world wide.

But at the same time has sparked controversy giving headaches to the FRU and most clubs he has joined overseas.

He has the natural gifts to outpace any opposition but has been a very expensive commodity as far as back up in maintenance and providing support structures to cover his fragile ego and flamboyant personality.

“He ban will not allow him to play for Fiji against Japan on the 12th (September) but he will be able to play against Canada (16 September),” Murphy said.

“We (FRU) will meet with him next week and finalise whether or not to include him in the squad.


“He is following a training regime in case he is called back to play for Fiji.”

Squad announced tonight:

Forwards: Graham Dewes, Alefoso Yalayalatabua, Sunia Koto, Vereniki Sauturaga, Jone Railomo, Henry Qiodravu, Bill Gadolo, Ifereimi Rawaqa, Kele Leawere, Isoa Domolailai, Wame Lewaravu, Jone Qovu, Netani Talei, Semisi Naevo, Sisa Koyamaibole, Aca Ratuva, Akapusi Qera.

Backs: Jone Daunivucu, Mosese Rauluni, Nicky Little, Waisea Luveniyali, Seremaia Bai, Seru Rabeni, Kameli Ratuvou, Maleli Kunavore, Vilimone Delasau, Isoa Neivua, Filimone Bolavucu, Gabirieli Lovobalavu, Norman Ligairi.


Caption: Caucau has the skills to swerve or kick past defenders to get to the try line


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15 responses to “Caucau’s fate to be finalized in FRU meeting

  1. anon

    Heads up on Fiji RWC squad in this IHT article.

  2. mark

    Well that was dissapointing.

    I can’t believe they let Nicky Little in.

    He’s well past his prime.

    Although Bolavucu got a couple of lucky tries in their last game I’ve seen him play in the NPC.

    And unfortunatley he’s way too small so when he comes up against bigger wingers; chances are they’ll blow right past him.

    And whatever happened to Jo Bale, Langi Peters and Tomasi Soqeta.

    Maybe his team Taranaki wouldn’t let him go.

    Kele Leawere’s has barely managed to win his own linout, the only good locks are Domolailai and Rawaqa.

    But there is a couple of really good locks in the Air New Zealand Cup to watch out for.

    Qaranaqio from North Otago, Tomasi Kedrabuka and Langi Peters from Wairarapa Bush and Vula Maimuri from Northland.

  3. Emosi


    I believe Nicky deserves a ticket to the RWC because he has got the experience to play at that level . . . he can tackle … yeah! Former ABs and Samoan international Tuigamala will not forget him of what he did to him at Churchil Park a few years back, and hes a bloody strong guy and he is the top points scorer in 15s on hand.

    … This is the RWC and not Sanyo Cup or Farebrother Challenge or even NPC … who do you think would do better job than Nicky?

  4. Emosi

    I plead with FRU, please reconsider the man from Bua … he’s the match winner and you know … if you are serious about reaching the quarter final, take Caucau on board otherwise forget about beating Wales … this is the RWC and IRB wants the best players to compete … yalo vinaka Tu Jim … he is the best of all the wingers already picked so far to play in this important tournament; I mean world wide.

  5. John Maddeny


    I think you must be dreaming . . . Caucau is had it.

    Why would he want to take drugs?

    Maybe they are spending too much money (reportedly 6 million for four years) on him and he doesn’t know how to spend his money so he resorts to drugs.

    If he can’t handle his personal life I don’t think he is the right man for the job.

  6. Mad John

    … you must understand that no one is perfect … and I’m not dreaming my brother … well Caucau is now serving his time for doing drugs, just like Dels, and in this professional era of rugby; its just performance that counts.

    That’s why he is worth 6 millions plus … you serve your time … that’s it… it’s all over and done with.

    If you take drugs, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad person … come on? Get real man!!!

  7. Amos

    Mad John,

    Caucau wasn’t banned by his club for doing drugs but by the French Rugby Union and even his club has renewed his contract with them again for the another season … so the question of high maintenance cost on him as you mentioned is bulls …
    I think you are just jealous that a poor village boy from Bua, not so well educated and so perfect as yourself is making a name for himself and for his country abroad … ??? …

  8. idiot seeker

    Uh. What a bunch of sh##@t.

  9. Amos

    Idiot Seeker,

    You don’t have to swear on this column, you must be a … y!!

  10. John Maddeny

    Mr Amos,

    Caucau would be by the sidelines last Thursday at the stadium and be a water bottle boy had he been really interested at heart with the campaign in France.

    By the way I am not mad just rugby crazy.

    But by the way you have been answering my suggestions I am not sure about your psychiatric abilities either.

  11. Amos

    M John,

    Caucau is still on ban and how would you expect the FRU to allow him to be a water boy when he is still banned from all levels of rugby????

  12. John Maddeny

    Mr Amos,

    It’s not the action but the heart that matters.

    If he can’t carry water bottles, at least show himself on the grounds to show officials and the public he made an effort to be there.

    That way we would at least know he is still there for Fiji, especially supporting the campaign in France.

  13. m john

    I agree with you and all the best John

  14. Amos,

    You and Caucau can go and play in the soccer world cup, Fiji can win the rugby world cup without this bigheaded, marijuana smoking, wanna be water boy, looking for a free trip and free ticket to France Bua man.

  15. mark

    Free ticket to france? He’s already in france, he plays club rugby there. And Nicky Little can’t run, Luveniyali all the way.

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