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In the drive to attract visits to this site Fiji Rugby Blog has attempted several ways to accomplish this.


One sure way to rope them in would be to get a big mailing list and send them teasers when a new post has been made.


So all email addresses are potential visitors and are included in the list.


Unfortunately with a topic like rugby one of the biggest and fastest dissenters are women.


Males are quite vocal and excitable about rugby and would be good followers in any sport.


But females who are more relational in nature, generally speaking would have nothing to do with sport.


Some of the responses received by Fiji Rugby Blog on teasers sent to the mailing list has been polite.


“Can u remove me from this list? Thanks” read one and “Thanks but I’m not interested” or “please remove me from this list. Thanks” and then “pls remove me from this list. Vinaka”.


The lawyers and managing directors of companies are adamant they will have nothing to do with it and are stomping their feet with firmness: “please TAKE ME OUT OF THIS LIST. i did not subscribe to anything to receive anything from you. i don’t appreciate getting any junk mail i have no interest in reading.”


The insistent are quite dramatic with “Please unsubscribe me immediately. I do not want my email address to be mass copied, as it compromises the security of my computer. It’s a common courtesy”.


Some think Fiji Rugby Blog is a waste of time so: “don’t spam me again”.


And some don’t even have a clue what rugby is so: “Please remove me from your list.  I don’t even know what rugby is let alone have contributions to a blog about it. Thanks”.


If you think of a way to improve my approach to dissenters in being included for being in the loop of Fiji Rugby Blog drop me a line and let me know.


caption: The woes and the triumphs of rugby


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2 responses to “Remove me from this list

  1. To attract new viewership I just put out new stuff everyday … my site stats are not great running about 3000 per month with June being the best by far.
    I’d like to have 10000 a month but I need to mix my raves, rants, fairytales and prose better because vieweres come for different stuff. I started with a few people in December and a thousand through May and now 3000 so I’m am pretty content in what I am doing. The numbers keep me motivated.

  2. It only takes a single drop of water to create a waterfall. Looking forward to discussions on Tabua’s job as the coach and the outlook for RWC.

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