Canada keeps moving up



Fiji’s second opponent at the France Rugby World Cup pool matches, Canada is continuing to grow leaps and bounds.


Not only have they beaten their traditional leaders the US by 50+ scores, New Zealand learned a thing or two last weekend in Hamilton.


The Canadians held the Kiwis full team 13-26 at halftime which says a lot and Fiji should be fully prepared for this encounter or will be eating humble pie at that Millennium Stadium in Cardiff at the 2pm match on Sunday 16 September (2am 17 September Fiji Time).


All Black coach Graham Henry scowled through a disjointed first half showing by his over-eager line-up on Saturday, and praised a Canadian side expected to concede a cricket score.


There was no hint of condescension when Henry rated the Canadians as a greater challenge than the French during their recent two-Test capitulation.


Being rated physically superior to a French C team may appear faint praise but the All Blacks were genuine in giving the world’s No.13 rugby nation, who trailed 26-13 at half-time, plenty of kudos.


“Their defensive patterns were excellent,” Henry said. “We could learn something from that … They were very physical at the breakdown. They were better than I thought they’d be.”


Fiji beware!!!!


caption: The Canadians defended well against New Zealand last weekend


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2 responses to “Canada keeps moving up

  1. Yea, but Graham Henry, Coach of the All Blacks, told the press the day before the game that his game plan wasn’t to score tries just work out the glitches. I think the Canucks took this as an insult and put their bodies on the line. Unfortunately to many players rugby is more than just a game. Just ask the particpans in Romes’ favorite game: Christians versus Lions. Yea, I think Fiji will have to play up especially in the tight five because the Canadiens are big abd strong and, unlike the Americans, are fulltime professionals.

  2. eMoSi

    We are all hoping that Fiji reaches the quarter finals in this year’s WRC in France.

    Fiji is capable of achieving this … only if we get our share in the lineouts and scrums.

    WRC is a tournament where we need to be consistent in our performance in each game we play in our pool.

    We do not want to have that same of kind of results we displayed in P6N…..e.g. in our pool, we cannot afford to lose to Canada and Wales and have a draw game with Australia, the likely pool leader … it will take us nowhere!!

    Thats why we really need to pick the bunch of players who can deliver when the going gets tough.

    With Caucau out, in the backline, do we have a substitute who can perform to par?

    I plead with FRU, please you sure can do something … that’s why you are there!!!!

    Get Caucau back!!!

    Please do not come up with that excuse that we have capable players around who can fit into his boots … that’s rubbish talk …

    … I ‘d rather go for wingers who got class … yes to Bolavucu, Caucau, Delasau and Michael Tagicakibau … Bobo and Neivua to be on reserves.

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